Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience on Channel 10

25th June 2024 Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience with an Innovative Channel on FTA TV.
Metro, Regional & Digital via Ten Play., the pioneering shopping channel/portal, is transforming the way people shop with its customer-centric approach. Unlike traditional shopping channels, empowers Product Owners and retailers by giving them complete control over their business outcomes. With features like downloads, membership offers to drive foot traffic, and efficient order and delivery management, allows businesses to become their own channel, reaching a broader audience. Meanwhile, viewers enjoy special prices, offers, and exciting opportunities.

One standout feature offered by is its captivating catalogue showcase, engaging the TV audience. Retailers effectively demonstrate their products through this feature, creating an immersive shopping experience for viewers. By showcasing products on television, retailers capture the attention of potential customers and significantly boost sales.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. also provides a platform for retailers to create their own "how-to" TV shows. These shows showcase different products while acting as powerful sales drivers, enticing viewers to explore and purchase the featured items. This approach not only promotes products but also educates and entertains the audience, making shopping a fun and informative experience. aims to be the leading shopping portal that empowers product owners, retailers, charities, and subscription-based businesses to drive their outcomes. By professionally selling products, engaging TV showcases, and entertaining "how-to" TV shows, provides a platform to reach a wider audience. By revolutionizing the shopping experience, is changing the way people shop and empowering all participants to succeed and engage viewers in their living rooms or online. launches July 1 on channel 16